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VETOX was founded in 1991. Experts in the field of chemistry, machinery, veterinary care, disinfection, pest and rodent control were its founding members. Over the years, the firm has become a family-owned company specializing in the production of pheromone adhesive strips – pantry moth traps and cockroach traps, used for entrapping synanthropic (meal) moths and cockroach species.


We are currently working with experts in pheromone development to ensure a high efficacy, species selectivity, environment-friendliness and non-toxicity of the products effective for detecting, monitoring and catching insect pests. We put a special emphasis on the fact that our articles have no negative impact on the environment or non-target animals, including humans.


We are manufacturer supplying exclusively wholesalers. DDD SERVIS PRAHA www.pestcontrol.cz represents our main customer, providing the retail sale of our products. Besides, it ensures disinfecting and exterminating services and the sale of environment-friendly pest control agents.